History of VEKA

Founded in Germany as Vekaplast, initially producing roller shutters out of a fifteen thousand square foot rented facility. Heinrich Laumann, an original employee, purchased the company and began designing window systems, the first of which were unveiled in 1971.

Six years later, VEKA was able to build a revolutionary manufacturing site that was hailed as a technological marvel in its time. Today, 18 manufacturing facilities operate in 14 countries on 4 continents, with additional sales offices all over the globe.

VEKA's U.S. operations also had modest beginnings. The company quickly outgrew its rented facility, as the demand for its high-quality vinyl products grew rapidly. In 1986, VEKA constructed the industry's first highly automated computer-controlled compounding and extrusion complex dedicated solely to the window and door market. In 1988, VEKA developed its own tool and die-manufacturing department within the company. This greatly improved quality and better controlled processes.

This 21,000 square foot facility holds wire E.D.M. technology, C.N.C milling, and robotics, all dedicated to fabricating new construction dies, calibration systems, and templates. By 1995, that facility had undergone two expansions and seen the addition of a two-story office building., bringing its floor space total to 465,000 square feet. In 1995, the company built VEKA West, Incorporated, A revolutionary new, highly automated facility near Reno, Nevada that serves Canada, Mexico and the Western U.S.

By 2000, VEKA had expanded its total footprint to almost 600,000 square feet in its Fombell facility.

In 2006, VEKA South located in Terrell Texas, was established to provide the southern United States and Mexico with quality VEKA extrusions.

Despite a decade of tough housing markets in the US, VEKA globally broke 1 Billion in sales for 2010.

2013 and 2014 provided a resurgence in the vinyl window & door market in North America. To answer the growing demand, VEKA expanded in all 3 manufacturing facilities in the US with additional floor space, compounding and extrusion capacity. VEKA also celebrated a 30 year milestone in the North American market.