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Unveiling the Versatility of PVC

From Formulations to Finishes

VEKA Leads the Way in Customizable PVC Solutions

PVC stands out as the most versatile plastic available today. Through different formulations, it can yield a wide array of products. Additives are combined with PVC resin to achieve various properties, including flexibility, weather resistance, and vibrant colors.

In the construction industry, PVC's flexibility is fully utilized in a range of products such as siding, trim, pipes, decking, fencing, windows, and doors. Approximately 70% of today's windows are made from PVC due to its versatility and energy efficiency.

VEKA Window profile with Black Onyx lamination

Raw PVC extrusions are typically gray, but the addition of Titanium Dioxide pigment brings about the popular white profile seen in around 70-75% of window sales. However, earth tones and darker colors are also available, with VEKA offering a range of mono-extruded colors tailored to different regions across North America.

In addition to standard colors like Almond and Khaki, VEKA provides options for darker variations, textures, and grains through other processes like lamination and cap stock. VEKA can custom blend or match colors, ensuring performance consistency across various North American regions.

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Browse our VEKA Extruded PVC Window Gallery, where innovation meets elegance! Explore our collection of high-quality windows crafted with precision and expertise. From sleek designs to superior performance, each window in our gallery showcases the perfect blend of style, functionality, and durability. Whether you're seeking modern aesthetics, energy efficiency, or enhanced security, our VEKA windows are engineered to exceed your expectations.

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