We care
We Care: VEKA's Commitment to Partners, Employees, and the Environment

VEKA Champions Sustainable Growth and Well-being

We Care is VEKA's commitment to partners, employees, and the environment. VEKA provides solutions for our partners to succeed. We trust and delegate responsibility to team members for their growth. We operate in an environmentally friendly manner with a focus on recycling, showing we care.

Our core values emphasize appreciation, commitment, trust, responsibility, courage, and entrepreneurship among employees. We Act by engaging in open dialogue, trusting colleagues, taking responsibility, and acting courageously and entrepreneurially.

We Grow is VEKA's vision for 2025: focus on building long-term partnerships, developing talent, and future-friendliness. We aim to understand our partners' needs, develop competent team members, and lead in corporate social responsibility with a minimal carbon footprint. Our mission driven approach champions transparency, accountability, and a culture of inclusion and support within the company. VEKA's commitment is further shown with profit-sharing, comprehensive benefits packages, thorough onboarding, and continuous employee development opportunities.

Our strategy emphasizes sustainable growth, ethical practices, and employee well-being as key pillars of our success.

We care

We Care

...about our partners

We provide solutions for them to succeed by putting ourselves in their shoes and asking "How can we make our partners more successful?"

...about our people

To our team members, we trust and delegate responsibility to help them grow, personally and professionally.

...about the environment

We operate future-friendly: actively managing our recycling & compound efforts globally for waste free PVC product life-cycles.

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