Leading the Industry in Profile Innovation and Quality since 1983

Focused on window and door profiles in North America since 1983, VEKA boasts an extensive library of over 1500 shapes, including approximately 55 for Outdoor Living Products. While not all shapes are produced continuously, up to 200 different shapes may be available online at our corporate headquarters in one week. These profiles encompass various components like frame profiles, sash profiles, glazing beads, and accessories.

At VEKA we emphasize quality throughout our manufacturing process, meticulously examining and verifying every ingredient used in compound formulations. Stringent controls ensure proper blending and adherence to in-house standards. Upon extrusion, further quality tests are conducted to meet industry standards set by the Fenestration and Glazing Industry Alliance (FGIA).

VEKA Black Onyx laminated profile
AAMA certified window

The company complies with FGIA/American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) standards, essential for many customers' material and product requirements. This results in lineals that are easy to fabricate and consistent in shape, color, and overall integrity.

VEKA's Quality Control program involves regular inspections by a team of inspectors who monitor the production floor for visual defects multiple times each day. Lab inspections include monitoring weight, color, and shape to ensure dimensional integrity is maintained.

Elevate Your Windows and Doors with VEKA Branded Products

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Ecolutions Zero Energy Ready Home
Efficiency Redefined: VEKA's Crossover™ Technology

Elevate Efficiency and Performance with Ecolutions

Ecolutions represents VEKA's innovative approach to window and door systems with its CROSSOVER™ technology. A VEKA Crossover product embodies efficiency, boasting a thermally optimized design with distinct features and reduced weight. This system elevates the standard market offerings, providing options ranging from good to better to best.

Ecolutions offers the option of a decorative internal muntin system without diminished thermal efficiency by using a 1 1/8" glazing pocket to allow for triple pane IGs. This IG width allows for optimal air space with the highest in thermal efficiency. A 1", 7/8" or 3/4" IG unit can also be used.

Ecolutions meets the demand for lighter yet higher-performing windows that can cater to various markets, thus streamlining product offerings and reducing costs for fabricators. Whether for residential or light commercial applications, this system supports both dual and triple-glazed units within the same framework.

Drawing from extensive experience and numerous product launches, the Ecolutions window is finely tuned for exceptional air, water, and structural performance, all without additional expenses.

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