Pinnacle Color

Pinnacle Color


Twin Window ConfigurationThe Euroview 70 DS is a commercial grade window system that utlizes all the benefits of uPVC while satisfying commercial structural requirements.

With its European engineering, the Euroview system is among the highest performing windows on the market today. High thermal insulation values lead to cost savings and the reduction of energy use.

70 MM Profile Thickness - Designed for wide spans

Windows are individual items, produced in a technical tradition, adapted to the needs of your building and its architecture. Therefore, VEKA Windows are available in a wide range of styles and with many optional accessories.

Realize your creativity, you aren’t limited: use white or colorful profiles, add distinguishing details like glazing-bars, choose special shapes like round top, circle top, triangle or gable top. Everything is possible! Choose from the many options to complement your individual style.


Slightly rounded edges give the classical design to the EUROVIEW System.

High Thermal Insulation Values up to Uw=1,0 W/m2K (U-Value 0.176 BTU/H*ft2*F, R-Value 5.7) are achievable (depending on glazing) and noticeably reduce energy costs.

High-quality gaskets, are standard in an attractive grey and comprise a system of dual compression-seals that keeps the cold, draft and moisture outside.

Galvanized Steel Reinforcing used according to VEKA fabrication requirements, supports the structural integrity and operational reliability.

5 Chamber Profile with a basic overall depth of 70 mm (2-3/4“): is an ideal use of dead air’s natural insulating characteristics.
  * Optional recessed sash available


One of the most important elements for a comfortable home or office are windows. They let sunlight in and keep out wind, weather and noise to create a soothing feeling in every season. Discover more about Euroview...

Profile System
• Elegant, slightly rounded edges
• 5-chamber profile with a basic overall depth of 70mm (2-3/4“)
• Wall thickness 3mm (1/8“)
• Versions: recessed, semi-recessed
• Sight lines 118-131 mm (4-5/8“ 5-1/8“)
• Steel-reinforcement according to VEKA guidelines

Functionality and Usability
• Standard windows, thermal insulation windows, sliding elements, terrace and balcony doors
• Tilt and turn windows, turn windows, casement windows,parallel tilt and slide door, single or multi sash, fixed or combined.

Quality Control
• AAMA PVC profile testing & certification to AAMA 109
• AAMA testing & certification to 101/I.S./A440-05

Physical Requirements
• Thermal insulation according to NFRC
• Energy Star
• Sound Transmission Control per AAMA 1801-97

Coefficient of Heat Transition Uw-Value window element Depending on glazing
• With warm edge: up to
(U-Value 0.176) (BTU/H*ft2*F) (R-Value 5.7)
• With aluminum edge: up to
(U-Value 0.194) (BTU/H*ft2*F) (R-Value 5.2)

Sealing System
• Compression seals in frame and sash all the way around
• Two sealing level with high-quality gaskets
• Standard color: Grey

Glazing System
• Glazing area 24mm (15/16“) frame/sash
• Thickness of window glass (for frames and sash) combined with a rounded glazing beads: 24-36 mm (15/16“-1-7/16“)
• Thickness of window glass (for frames and sash) combined with additional glazing beads out of the VEKA System:
14-42mm (9/16“-1-5/8“)

• All brand hardware, that is approved for quality and function
• Handles can be used individually

• Build-up profiles, extensions, window sill connections, wall connections, couplings, special reinforcing, ventilation, and more

Tilt & Turn Window Demonstration Video

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have.

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